Tuesday, December 15, 2009

nutrional myths

i was browsing around nba.com then followed up to nbafit. so here's some of the nutritional tips that they had n hey, it rili helps. orang skrg byk sgt terpengaruh wif diets on tv, by celebs n all.
i guess we shud follow the pros, especially athletes n their trainers' advise because its their main business ryte. well hope this helps :D

Nutrition Myths: Part 1
Posted May 20 2009 11:43AM
From Hornets' Strength & Conditioning Coach, Jack Manson

These are a list of Nutrition Myths are very common amongst the athletic population. In addition, these are also phrases that I have heard from NBA athletes.

Eating large amounts of protein is a good source of energy and will help me grow and get bigger

* The function of protein is to repair damaged muscle tissue caused by weight training. Just eating protein is not going to help you build more muscle but the timing of protein will (ex. Before, during, and after a training session)
* If you do not eat carbohydrates (ex. Low carb diet) or skip a meal, your body will burn muscle for energy (ex. Nightime ¡V when sleeping)
* The body can only breakdown about 5-9 grams of protein per hour depending on the type so a large meal (ex 16oz steak) with too much protein will be broken down and converted into FAT Storage

Skipping meals is the most effective way for me to lose weight

This is actually the one of the most dangerous strategies (Stimulants being #1) to lose weight, especially for an athlete. As previously mentioned, skipping meals (ex. Breakfast) can cause the following:

* Slower metabolism
* Higher Body Fat or Less Muscle Mass
* Decrease performance on field
* Decrease Strength
* Increase in Weight (Long-term)

Only drink water during your lifting sessions is the best option to stay hydrated

* You may be ok in regards to hydration but your muscles will not. Did you know that the Stress Hormone Cortisol is elevated during an intense weight training session.
* Just by sipping a 16-20 oz Gatorade during a 60-90 strength training workout can decrease Cortisol by 50% helping you minimize muscle damage and maintain or improve strength
* By consuming a little protein during and after your workout, you increase muscle recovery and increase your ability to improve strength and performance.
* One of the best Recovery Beverages: Chocolate Milk
* EAS Myoplex Light or Original Shakes and bars are very effective stratigies to improve muscle recovery

Friday, December 11, 2009

linangan air mata

this is a very very sincere and sad poetry, written by Al-imam Abdullah Alawi Al-Haddad. huge, huge difference dengan nasyid2 biasa. its actually a doa, rintihan ketika kesusahan. try to listen, n maybe follow jugak. :)

My Lord’s knowledge has sufficed me
from asking or choosing
For my du’a and my agonising supplication
is a witness to my poverty.

For this secret (reason) I make supplication
in times of ease and times of difficulty
I am a slave whose pride
is in his poverty and obligation.

O my Lord and my King
You know my state.
And what has settled in my heart
of agonies and preoccupations.

Save me with a gentleness
from You, O Lord of Lords.
Oh save me, Most Generous
before I run out of patience (with myself)

My Lord’s knowledge has sufficed me
from asking or choosing

O One who is swift in sending aid
I ask for aid that will arrive to me swiftly
It will defeat all difficulty
and it will bring all that I hope for

O Near One Who answers
and All-Knowing and All-Hearing
I have attained realisation through my incapacity,
my submission and my brokenness

My Lord’s knowledge has sufficed me
from asking or choosing

I am still standing by the door, so please my Lord
have mercy on my standing.
And in the valley of generosity, I am in i’tikaf (solitary retreat)
So, Allah, make my retreat here permanent.

And I’m abiding by good opinion (of You)
For it is my friend and ally.
And it is the one that sits by me and keeps me company
All day and night.

My Lord’s knowledge has sufficed me
from asking or choosing

There is a need in my soul, O Allah
so please fulfil it, O Best of Fulfillers
And comfort my secret and my heart
from its burning and its shrapnel

In pleasure and in happiness
and as long as You are pleased with me
For joy and expansion is my state
and my motto and my cover.

My Lord’s knowledge has sufficed me
from asking or choosing

Sunday, November 29, 2009

cakap memang senang. bila dah kena praktikal, baru tau rasanya.

in my previous posts, i once quoted from Nabi Muhammad (pbuh):
musafir ialah secebis daripada azab

and then my fren dJ asked, wat about the people who love to travel?

well, actually i gave it a thot.
then i got the answers, from past experiences, a source, and a hands on practical.
yang paling sakit is hands on practical, i assure u.

past experiences suggest that travelling memang meletihkan. bawak kereta sana sini, duduk dalam plane or train, smua ini meletihkan.
sapa kata bawak kereta tak letih?
bawak f1 letih kot. smua kene buat fitness training n all. macam sports lain jugak.
sama jugak with normal cars. letih je kene bwk sana sini. campur traffic lagi. orang buat perangai atas jalan lagi. sapa kata x letih?

kita boleh tgk how mak bapak letih after driving balik kampung, smua flat je after driving.
sebab itu byk bas drivers take drugs.
sebab itu hanya orang yang bawak kerete / kapal terbang / kapal laut / kapal apa2 pon yang mengetahui azabnya musafir itu.

ok, dats the 1st point on musafir is azab.

next, is an answer from a source of knowledge.
ok, so Syeikh Fuad said, memang la musafir ini azab. cuba naik kapal terbang, ingat senang ke nak buang air?
ramai yang tak selesa kalo dalam perjalanan / permusafiran.

3rd is the hands on experience.
well i guess its a hikmah y this post came in late. i posted this after gaining hands on experience on musafir ialah secebis daripada azab.

here's the experience.

macam biasalah, aidiladha. mesti banyak makan.
u name it, daging korban masak lemak, masak sup, masak segala masak, campur mcdonald prosperity burger mantap sedap berasap, campur air coke sejuk yang masyuk, campur air gas Fraser n Neave yang berwarna hijau, campur segala campur dalam perut.
kalau buat chemical equation ni, nak jadi apa tah dlm perut.

maka, meluap-luaplah reaction yang berlaku secara spontaneous dalam perut ini.
which leads to SAKIT PEROTTTTTTTTT~!

then smlm, i was feeling all the gas n reaction. then it stroke me like THUNDER. (DUM DUM DUM~)
kesakitan toxic2 yang merayu2 untuk di-excrete-kan dari digestive system terlalu menyakitkan.
perjalanan setengah jam dari stwgsa ke cheras di rasakan bagai perjalanan kl-jb.
sungguh perit.
nak melepas? bahaya, dalam kereta.
nak stop? mana ada tempat stop, highway lah~!
maka? rasakan azab siksa yang amat pedih.
sepanjang perjalanan tu, dipikirkan kenapa lah sangat pedih ni.
ni baru sakit perot, belom nak deliver baby cm dlm syllabus bio.
itu blom mati kene langgar lori lagy.
mak oy.

sebaik sahaja sampai ke gate rumah, maka berlarilah saya ke dalam rumah sblom kereta sempat masuk rumah lagi dan menjalankan urusan bisnes yang tertunggak.

sesungguhnya, teori itu amat mudah. ya, kita smua tau sakit perot itu perit. tapi adakah sama orang yang tau kesakitan perot dengan orang yang sedang merasai kesakitan perot? tidak sama sekali.

ya, cakap memang mudah. tetapi lepas terhantuk baru tengadah. bak kata iklan yang bersepah2 di mana2 : cuba dulu, baru tau.
memang betol pon.

maka, terbuktilah bahawa sememangnya permusafiran itu secebis dari azab.
nasib baik Nabi kata secebis, kalau Nabi sebot seketol, or segenggam, or sepersepuluh, macam manalah agaknya rasa sakit perot time musafir ya?

ya, kita boleh berfikir tentang maksud dari hadith Nabi, tapi jangan kita PERSOALKAN hadith Nabi.
buruk padahnya.

pernah seorang ini, mempersoalkan hadith Nabi yang kata:
selepas tidur perlu berwudhuk semula kerana kamu tak tahu ke mana kamu letakkan tangan kamu itu.

maka orang ni dengan berani katakan : Aku tau mana aku letakkan tangan aku sewaktu tdo.

satu hari dia tdo, bangun2, tgk2 tangan dia dah masuk ke dalam lubang dubur sampai ke paras siku.

semoga kisah ini membawa manfaat kepada pembaca.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

the law of attraction, optimistic, realistic and pessimistic

sometimes we might come to think in life, that things just dont happen the way that we want it to be, or the least expected it to be.

then we come to a part where we think that is life, it bites and it hurts. wake up n smell the coffee. this is reality.

while others succeed in life, we rot n dwell in failure.
while others enjoy their time, we fret n swell in our own mischief.

sometimes, its just hard to find a simple explanation on this life issue.

well, some say they have uncovered a secret. which is THE LAW OF ATTRACTION.

based on this law, they say that is why 1% of the world population controls the remaining 99%.

the law states that whatever we think of, we will attract it and tend to create this reality. if we think that we're going to be rich, then we are attracting the reality and it will tend to happen.
same goes the other way around. we think we're going to fail, then we are attracting that reality of failure to us and it will happen.

while i thot this would be just a theory and mayb just superficial, i thot again.
maybe this stuff could just be true enough of an explanation.

Nabi ada bersabda:
al-balaa u muwakkilu bil mantik.
"bala itu diwakilkan dengan perkataan"

from this hadith, Nabi said that anything bad we say will become into reality.
and this applies to anything good that we say.

so does this ring a bell in our heads?

maybe dis serves as an explanation y Islam teaches us to always say good things n prevent from saying bad things?
maybe dis is y Allah suruh kita selalu berdoa n meminta kepadaNya?

so, logically thinking, when we always say " y am i such a moron?" or "y am i such a loser" or stuffs,
well the answer is just within our heads.
we're losers bcoz we kept saying it.
we're losers coz we r losers right from our very thoughts.

what if we have d winners thought n mentality from the start?

people always say:
dari segi psikologi lagi dah kalah, or stuffs like dat.

maybe, dis is just the answer to the causes - and probably the solutions - to every problem there was, is, and going to be...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

saya, awak, dan mereka yang menghalang lalu lintas

its been a while since the last post. well, raya was it? ok lah tu. nampak la sibuk siket.

now, a few things happend since the last post. well, actually banyak, but trying to simplify things.

ok, so the other day, nuqaba' played the dvd "Man Ana?" (siapa saya)by Habib Ali Al-Jufri during usrah. eventho i've seen it over n over again, still so many have been forgotten. which completely shows that we always need to be reminded.

one of the best part i liked about the talk is the question of existense.

adakah kewujudan kita ini suatu kewujudan yang hakiki ataupun maani?
adakah kewujudan kita ini suatu kewujudan yang pasti atau pon ilusi?
adakah kewujudan kita ini suatu kewajipan atau pon keharusan?

dengan memikirkan persoalan2 ini, kita boleh lihat sebenarnye, bahawa orang2 yang mengetengahkan kepentingan diri sendiri dan mengetepikan kepentingan ramai adalah orang yang tidak menyedari hakikat kewujudan diri sendiri.

sekiranya kewujudan kita ini bukanlah wajib, malah bukan kewujudan yang sebenar2nya, adalah pelih sekiranya kita mementingkan diri sendiri.

sungguh pelik orang yang boleh berkata:

its my right.
i demand it to be given to me.

dan sebagainya.

sungguh pelik.

dan seterusnya, kisah open hse syasya.

well, biasalah kan. biasanya bila kata nak sampai pukul 1, kul 2-3 la sampai.
nasib baik la kata nak sampai pukul 1, kalo kata nak sampai pukul 3, pukul brape plak nak sampai?

pokok ceritanya is about driving.
sungguh lama saya driving dan duduk dlm kereta. mainly becoz tggu org aa.

1 thing dat made me wonder, y do people always block the right lane while they r actually slow pokes?
kenapa byk org yg slow di jalan raya? (slow yang melambatkan perjalanan lalu lintas)

sungguh menghairankan kenapa byk org yg bleh slow2, seolah2 mereka mempunya masa yang sangat banyak untuk di spend atas jalan raya.

sekirnya betol pon banyak masa, tidakkah mereka pernah mendengar kata2 Nabi bahawa " musafir itu ialah secebis daripada azab"?

so kenapa nak mengazab diri lama2 dgn bermusafir di jalan raya?

hmmm, masyarakat zaman skrg sangat memelikkan orang lain.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

hmmm, raya ni nak beli baju ape ye?

ya mmg syawal kembali lagi, bagaikan iklan tora dtg lagi.
setiap kali abesnya ramadhan (walhal ada yg sejak awal ramadhan lagy), ramai yg akan mula terpikir,
baju raya yg bagaimanakah dan berapakah jumlah helaiannya yang aku mahu beli kali ini.

hmmmm, mari pergi ke klcc?
ada byk kedai2 best.
saya nak beli baju kulit beruang 10 kilo kat sana la.
style baru.

eh eh, then nak gi pavilion la.
tempatnya cantik.
dan saya rasa mahu beli tali pinggang belang2 kulit harimau bintang la kat situ.
owh nanti pon boleh sempat bergambar2 di tangga pavi tu.
mula2 kita pose macam berok ye.
seterusnya diikuti muka ungka.
dan terakhir kita buat gaya kera.
setelah puas, saya mahu upload cepat2 dan buat satu album di facebook.
add la saya, www.facebook/ungkabergaya.com

hmmm, saya rasa masih tak cukop lagi la baju2 saya ni.
saya mahu beli skarf pulak. ala yg mcm kain serban tu.
saya nak ikat lilit2 di leher, bergaya.
memang mantap kain serban dibuat sedemikian rupa.
sape2 yg mulakan gaya ni, mmg anda sorg yg handal + trendsetter.
smoga Tuhan berikan anda pahala dan ganjaran sehingga hari kiamat kerana menjadi ikutan orang ramai dalam cara2 memakai kain serban di leher, sebagaimana diungkap dalam hadith Nabi yang masyhur.

adoy, macam mana ni ye? saya baru belanja 5 juta ni untuk raya.
kasut berkulit penguin belom beli lagy. nanti lambat ada org pakai sama plak.
susah la cmni, tak bergaya.
takpe, saya mesti teruskan bershopping~!

lepas ni, saya nak beli satu zoo buat pakaian wardrobe saya~!

seronoknya bershopping sempena syawal.

a twist of history and reality

Sunday, September 6, 2009

what is the function of ur face?

d other day, me adam han bin onn, iski mohamed serta farah as-stylo berborak2 sambil buek kojo kek wispee. haa, ni deh masalah ee. kito ompek oghang ni tongah tension kek magha pasal isu2 kms fly ke mano dan mengapo kami didiskriminasikan.

maleh den nak ngulang masalah tu, tetibo kami tercakap lah pasal GDC. GDC ialah grpahic display calculator. handal bonar bondo tu. ni haa den nak cghito kek sini.

tibo2 adam tanyo kek iski,

" dis calculator can simply plot any function of graph ke? like function x squared y squared or anything?"

" no u have to put it in terms of y", baleh si iski frisky.

"yeah it can plot everything adam", jawab den. den nyambung kato2 :

"it can even plot your face adam. u just have to put in the FUNCTION of ur face in there, then u have ur face in d GDC. so adam, wats d function of ur face?" sambung den.

"wat does dat have to mean? wats d function of my face?" polik adam mikirkan hal ni ee.

conclusion of the story, have we ever thot of wats d function of our face? maybe when we figured it out, we can key it into the GDC and let it plot it out. :D

Monday, August 24, 2009

EE dan kepeningan disebaliknya

sekarang ialah masa membuat EE. seperti yang byk IB students maklum, byk yg perlu dilakukan. pening kepala.

30 pages research. 4000 words. references. headers n footers. bibligraphy lagy.

wow. n we all need to do it all by the end of semester. such a rush.
n even ToK essay lagy.

while all these seemed so hard for us to do, i'd like to share a mind boggling tale of real people doing the unthinkable, wat more reachable.

well here he is. Sayyid Muhammad Alawi Al-maliki.

to highlight some amazing n mesmerizing features, well:

hafal quran umur 7 taun. kita 7 taun hafal ape ek?
hafal muwatta' imam malik umur 15 taun. muwatta' ni ada belasan jilid, satu setebal campbell or raymond chang.
25 taun ada Ph.D hadith al-azhar, dpt mumtaz. kita 25years medic pon blom abes.

well to write everything about him would take years i guess. so here's d important relevant part with this column, EE.

so kita semua memerlukan around 6 bulan to finish around 30pages of research, EE. tu pon dh penat, dikejar2 oleh cikgu, darah menjadi buruan mereka. dan bila dah due, kebanyakkannya lari menyelamatkan darah masing2.

but for this person, he is capable of writing 150pages thick book in just one night.
malam lepas isya' start, by subuh dah siap.

dats around 5 EE la lebih kurg~

bila nak dipikirkan, susah akal nak menggapai, minda nak memahaminya.
namun, bila seseorang tu mampu, bila Tuhan yang bantu, tak perlu lagy otak bercelaru.

well this page is a tribute to him, in which he passed away in Ramadhan, 2004.
even his death was on 17th ramadhan, nuzul Quran. wat more cn be asked.

for more interesting info, type je kat wikipedia.

or amek je link ni :


well, selamat buat EE~!

Friday, July 10, 2009

ha? apa dia? x dengar la..

pada suatu ketika dulu, timbulnya issue emission of "concentrated" methane gas / farting / kentot yang mantap dalam kelas md43. (issue ini masih berterusan bagaikan issue global warming) namun orang2 byk hanya mampu menuduh tanpa bukti (ye la kentot tu tak berupa, cuma berbau) dan si kentot (afi selalunya, aku mana PERNAH) perlu meng-cover muka sehabis baik agar identiti tidak terbongkar.

namun, biasalah, courtesy lah sikit. dh bagi souvenier kat orang, mesti lah mengaku. kalau berani la.

issue ini berlaku secara serious pada hujung2 sem lepas, dan masih berterusan dalam kelas md43 kolej mara seremban.

suatu hari, saya tertanya2 dalam hati saya.
"apa agaknye akan terjadi kalau perempuan kentot busuk dan identitinya terbongkar?"

lalu saya mengajukan persoalan ini kepada syazwan.

"weh, cmne aa kalo ade clasmate kita yg girls kentot pastu kantoi aa? SYASYA ke, FARHANA ke..?"

syazwan menjawab:

"hahaha. abes la dow, rosak imej. dah tak comel dah. lagy2 farhana." (ini memang conversation betol, x tipu. maybe ada tokok tambah sikit2)

lalu suatu hari pada sem lepas, kami pergilah ke kelas Syeikh Fuad di masjid negeri. kebiasaannya kami akan belajar kitab Hikam Syeikh Atoillah dan Syamail Muhammadiah karangan imam Termizi.

mungkin aura persoalan kentot ini terlalu kuat dan kental di lubuk sanubari saya. ataupon aura scanning syeikh amat hebat sampai boleh terbaca persoalan kecil saya ini. (kemungkinan besar ialah possibility yg pertamalah)

lalu tiba dalam satu masa dalam kelas itu, beliau (Tuan Syeikh) menceritakan satu kisah zaman dahulu:

"ada seorang wali dulu bernama Hatim al-asam. al-asam ni bermaksud si pekak. orang panggil dia pekak sebab satu masa dulu, ada seorang perempuan datang kat dia untuk bertanya soalan.

tiba2 perempuan tu terkentot kat depan Hatim al-asam. kalau perempuan terkentot dan diketahui orang, MERUPAKAN KEAIBAN bagi perempuan tu. tapi kalau LAKI TERKENTOT, merupakan "KEMULIAAN". (ni syeikh joking aja, tp memang kelakar nak mati aa, smua gelak kaw2 aa kat masjid tu)

lalu reaksi hatim al-asam ialah:

"ha? apa dia makcik? tak dengar la. boleh ulang x?"

hatim ni buat2 pekak,buat2 tak dengar yang makcik td tu terkentot, supaya makcik tu tak terasa malu, dan makcik tu pon tanya lah soalan.

hatim ni sebenarnya tak pekak, tapi selepas kejadian itu, dia buat2 pekak SAMPAI MATI. lepas tu byk yang panggil dia pekak, tu yg nama dia hatim al-asam, hatim si pekak."

selepas mendengar kisah ini, saya amat terharu dan rasa sangat puas hati kerana persoalan saya terjawab (berkaitan kentot2 ni la)

hatim al-asam merupakan seorang wali dan ahli sufi yang abid, mempunyai keilmuan yg sangat tnggi dlm agama.

kalau kita bkk internet, n key in hatim al-asam, boleh jumpa satu perbualan dia tentang 8 pesanan / ilmu penting yang dia dapat dari gurunya.

boleh la ke link bwh ni, kalo nak baca pesanan Hatim Al-Asam.


ps/ seronok aa AFI (bukan AKU) nak kentot lepas ni. :D

Sunday, May 17, 2009

jauh perjalanan, luas pemandangan

last friday (15th may), i had quite a journey across the states of malaysia (padahal seremban kl je).
ini bermula dengan farhana bakri (nama sebenar) mintak teman dia balik naik ktm (ntah kenape, takut kot. dia nak beli burger memalam pon mintak kita teman. oopps terlepas)
ok sambung. so naik la ktm sama2 ngan dia. dia dok dpn tu tdo je. n then hantar msg kutok2 org. padahal kat depan seat je. hish2.

along the way, i saw some spectacular views. i saw a man on a piece of land, bercangkul dan mencangkul. well dat made me think. betapa org bersusah payah untuk mendapatkan rezeki yang halal.
i came across dis words:
barang siapa yang sanggup berdiri dalan kehinaan untuk mendapatkan rezeki yang halal, maka wajib baginya syurga.


moving on, farhana chow kat serdang. dah la, shuh2. buat semak je.

then i reached kl sentral, after sejam setengah. lamanyeeeeeeee. then i thot:
selalunya kat kl sentral ni leh terjumpa orang2 yang kita kenal.

termakbul plak la doa ni. i saw dis man. he never saw me. not literally.

inilah abang zam :)

as u can see, he's not closing his eyes for saja2. he's blind. well, he's a family fren. quite a story, but i knw him lah. he knows me too.
he's a reflexologist, a guru reflex ppl say, sbb dia dah pangkat mengajar org.
kalo nak rasa reflex kaw2 punya, hulur lah kaki kat abg zam. :)

sambung cerita, i asked him la, abang zam nak gi mana?

saya nak gi cimb, kat satu lorong kiri tu.

then i searched, owh tu lorong kiri tu.

then pimpin lah. n carik2, mana cimb ni.

then abg zam sed, dkt2 dgn maybank, depan lagy.

owh ok2, saya nampak.
then bwk lah gi bank.

then dia buat transaction.
along d way tu byk la jgk borak2.

nampak tak ironinya cerita ini?
sape yang buta, sape yang nampak ni?

abang zam plak yg bg directions kat aku, mcm im d blind one plak. hadoih2.
well one can say dat he's used to being there, true. but the blind, esp abg zam n some like him, have specialties.
they do have some knowldge invisible to the naked eyes.
mcm2 cerita lah penah dgr dr diorg, mostly frm his younger brother, faizul, a blind man too.

n i thot of these too, bagus jgk jd buta. coz along the way, nampak byk melayu yang pelik2. dressing lah, ape lah. kononnye stylo bergaya, sedap dipandang lah. padahal tak cun pon, gemok je. n sorry lah, mulut aku ini agak gatal ble nmpk mcm2. nak je mengutuk. kalo buta dah tak mengutuk la kot? haha. takde la mengharap buta. terpikir je. :)
adoy melayu2.

after dat, i parted wif abg zam at CM, he went to gombak. well, i do hope to see him again. or org2 yg kenal2 n lama dah tak jumpa. :)

owh yea, smlm sabtu kuar gi jj, nak carik barang mega projek. n terjumpa ni.

zac efron doll~!!!!!!!!

haha, lawak seh. mcm pompuan. n look at d price, 90bux~! damn they're making money outta these stuffs. adoi2. who actly buy them ek? darn it.

well, i guess its all for now. haha. open ur eyes, n have a look at the world. d world sgt menarik. :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

kelas pemulihan IQ

macam biasalah, semalam (jumaat 3hb april) squad tak pandai md43 yang muka2 lazimnya ialah SAYA, SAFWAN DAN SYAZWAN dipanggil menghadap raja segala cikgu science KMS.
namun kali ini ada ahli2 baru yang baru mendaftar. tahniah diucapkan kepada DEEDAT DAN AFI. welcome to the club pemulihan IQ.
ada juga ahli yang khianat kelab, namanye ARIFF BIN ARIFFIN. skrg dia dah mendaftar di KELAB ORANG PANDAI, setelah dapat 59 dlm test genetics bio.
(yang dtg kelas pemulihan IQ ni paling tggi dpt 55, DEEDAT.paling rendah mestilah aku, 48)

so, seperti biasalah, ketua jabatan science ini akan panggil kami untuk date bersama dia pada waktu yg ditetapkan beliau.(yang biasanya waktu favourite tdo, selepas solat jumaat) kami semua bersedia bersama test paper, pen (aku lupa bawak, pinjam kat syazwan lah jwbnye) dan MUKA SERTA TELINGA untuk ditembak.
ps- mulut tak brape penting atas sebab2 yg akan diterangkan.

macam selalu, squad tak pandai akan diberi kelas pemulihan IQ, dan terpaksa melalui proses rehab IQ, menelaah jawapan2 kami yang kebanyakkannya 1/4 atau paling kencang pon 6/10 je bagi soalan subjektif. yeah.
bayangkan cikgu tadika mengajar adik2 berumur 3-4 taun ABC namun adik2 masih tak reti sebut. atau sebab takut dibaham cikgu kerana jawapan kelakar tak masuk topik.
atau bayangkan kanak2 SWATAMU KMS mengajar kanak2 spastik rumah sinar harapan benda2 mengarut dan kanak2 main tembak je nak jawab ape, dan bdk2 swatamu hanya mampu menahan kekelakaran jawapan.

inilah situasi kelas pemulihan IQ bimbingan cikgu rohana.

kadang2 sempot perut nak ketawa pon ada mengingatkan kadar IQ kami yg amat rendah, diadun gaya bahasa yang langsung tak pernah cikgu BI ajar mahupon sperti yang tertera dalam syllabus outline bio.
contohnya, jawapan saya berkaitan crossing over of chromosomes. saya mengatakan crossing over berlaku antara different homologous chromosomes, padahal antara homologous chromosomes yg sama.
ataupon SAFWAN yang tak reti2 apa itu gene linkage.
ataupon DEEDAT DAN AFI yang ada masalah dengan menulis idea2 meskipon idea bagai gunung dalam kepala.
atau SYAZWAN yang.... erk... ape ek masalah dia. abaikan lah.

disebalik smua ini, cikgu masih tak tengking kitorg.
pemulihan IQ dijalankan dengan baik di LT3.
boleh la jugak.
barulah saya menyedari bahawa cikgu mempunyai daya tahan dan kesabaran yang amat tinggi, meskipon kami amat sengal dari segi IQ.
(belum kira jawapan2 dan alasan2 spastik bagi menjawab soalan mengapa kami tak perform)

dan kami masih hidup selepas kelas pemulihan IQ ini.
ko tgk la arip, ahli kelas pemulihan IQ akan kejar ko nnt.
print siap2 5 borang untuk KELAB ORANG PANDAI.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

balls, balls, balls

yesterday (march 14th) i had a basketball game. it was RAVES against BENCHWARMERS. i played for raves, benchwarmer is a team from seremban. both our teams are new teams, but i guess d benchwarmers are even fresher kot. haha. me n 3 other teammates arrived a lil late, just nice to see they finish off d first quarter, wif haiwei (nama sebenarnya hairil kot) shooting a sharp 3 and posed for it.

so i had my share of d game, playing no more than 2 quarters. d place was in serdang, smart court. just panas macam sauna kot. phewh.

well we won i guess, 100-60+. dalam banyak2 tu aku score 2points je. hahaha.
well now i wanna write some of d things my teammates told me to improve on, so dat i remember. and some of d weaknesses i saw by watching a small portion of d recorded game:

- i have to be much faster. dis i saw from d footage. damn, pump fake macam nak fake kucing je. sape pon tak makan.
- i have to set d game.
- not to be scared. im not scared, maybe just not showing any confidence kot.
-finish d ball. shoot, layups, i guess.
-create sumtin dat can brake d defence. yeah, i guess dis is true.
-move around, don't stand at just one point. so true.

well, next game is next saturday, but kene balik kms lak. xmauuuuuuuuuuu, nak mainnnnnn~!

n now im shifting to football plak. MANUTD vs LIVERPOOL~!
i wanted to watch d game kat maple (mamak place) wif frens, but i guess it was lucky of me dat i didnt kot. haih.

i guess most of d fans knw d results, damn manutd lost 4-1. :(
i was watching at home, dreadfully. sangat sedih juga.

i was shouting n rooting for manutd alone at home, like dis:

"tembak dia, tembak~!!!!!"
mostly when ronaldo amek freekick. n when org ade clear shot. but such misfortune.

well i guess congrats to liverpool, they played well. memang nampak macam nak menang la. ni manutd main cm xnak menang je. haih. dah la home.

nasib baik tak gi luar tgk bola ngan memember. kalo tak mmg muka kene tunjal2 la kalah. 4-1 lak tu. haih2.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

chocolate cake, the hands that bake, wonders they make

suddenly i thot of talking on cakes. yummy. such a nice thing for birthdays kan?

such a nice cake ryte? seems tasty.

ni cake ke apam? macam muffin pon ada.

ok, so d other day d culinary club tried baking a cake. yeah. macam2 recipe ada dlm laptop, so last2 we tried chocolate cake. tikah n mia bought d ingredients n etc.

alryte. so we tried baking. d girls campur sana campur sini. laki pulak mengacau abes mixture tu, tikah kata kena sepekat mungkin, so kitorg mengacau lebih pantas dr mixer. menggunakan garpu. walaweh penat jd mixer. kerja keras 4 org mengacau.

then still x pekat, so tambah lagy tepung. wow. kacau lagy.

then dah ok, masuk oven. in d meanwhile, me n HE cleared all the utensils yang sangat bercoklat. tak elok membazir. so coklat2 tu smua abes dibersihkan..ke dalam perut. yummy. hahahahaha. alhamdulillah.

back to d cake. so lepas cake dah abes masak, cake tu semacam je plak rupanye. tinggi macam gunung. tengok2, macam giant muffin pon ada. (untuk menguatkan daya imaginasi, lihat gambar kedua untuk dapatkan gambaran)
bila di korek dan dimakan, sedap. tapi macam apam pon ada. texture wise la. haha.

nak buat cake, ingatkan macam secret recipe la. (rujuk gambar pertama untuk gambaran) tengok2 rupa macam muffin, rasa macam apam. adoih. cake muffin apam. yeah.

ape la ceritanye ni ek. hmmmm. ikut recipe dah ikut dah. telur, coklat, tepung, pengacau yang serba canggih, pe lagy. coklat van houten lagy tu. icing best2 jugak. oven pon mantap.

apsal tak jadi macam secret recipe ek?? :(

then let's think for a moment shall we.

macam mana bahan smua dah sama, oven sama, pembuat pon bagus, but cake kuar lain2 plak?

can dis be an analogical answer to d claims that orang buat, yang mengatakan Nabi Muhammad juga manusia biasa sama macam kita?

kalau kita percaya pada superman, spiderman, serta rakan2 dari marvel dan DC comics,
mengapa kita tidak boleh berfikiran demikian untuk Nabi Muhammad?

memang Nabi berjasad manusia, namun Nabi ni manusia yang sangat istimewa, terlalu istimewa, paling istimewa. jadi kita tak boleh berfikiran bahawa Nabi Muhammad sama je macam mana2 Muhammad yang hidup skrg. kepala hotak anda la kalau anda claim sedemikian.

kita analogi kan Nabi Muhammad sebagai cake secret recipe, dan kita ni cake muffin apam tu. sama ke? mana sedap? mana mahal? mana ternama?
walhal bahan2 asas tu smua sama je, telur tepung coklat n etc.

itu sebab yang chef yang buat cake Nabi tu Allah, manakala cake muffin ni, noob yang buat. mmg la tak sedap. memang la beza langit dan bumi.

so, on this Maulidur Rasul, i dedicate this article and post for the most celebrated, the birthday man, Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wassalam.
i hope to make you happy with this virtual cake for you, though it may not suit you, for u deserve even better.

Friday, March 6, 2009

selekeh lah haha

saje2 baca bulletin org td, then ada la plak mende alah ni. haha

1) Lubang ape yang rasanye hangat, nikmat dan nyaman?
Answer: LUBANGun pagi2, tarik selimut pastu lu tido balik....

2) Minyak ape yang disukai oleh lelaki?
Answer: MINYAKsikan pertandingan bolasepak Liga-M opp!!! salah EPL laaa

3) Kuih ape yang bungkusnya di dalam, isinya di luar?
Answer: Kuih salah bikin.

4) Binatang ape yang power dlm bab berKarate?
Answer: Kuda belang....cube kira brape black belt dia ade.

5) Siape yang menemukan dompet kulit?
Answer: Yang menemukan dompet kulit tersebut tolong pulangkan kepada saye.

6) Pintu ape yang walaupun dengan 10 org pun tak leh nak tolak?
Answer: Pintu yang ade tulis 'TARIK'

7) Saya ade 3 kepala, 4 tangan dan 5 kaki...siapakah saya?
Answer: Pembohong...

8) Apa dia 'Jauh di mata, dekat di hati'?
Answer: Usus

9) Binatang ape yang seluruh anggota tubuhnya kat kepala?
Answer: Kutu rambut

10) Nenek sape jalannya meloncat-loncat?
Answer: Neneknye si katak

11) Kenape lelaki jarang kene penyakit anjing gila?
Answer: Sbb lelaki ni kan 'buaya'

12) Ape beza sekretari baik ngan sekretari kurang baik?
Answer: Sekretari baik.................. 'Selamat pagi Boss' Sekretari
kurang baik........... 'Dah pagi ni Boss'

13) Ape persamaan Michael Jordan ngan Michael Jackson?
Answer: Dua-dua tak kenal korang...heheheh

14) Tukang ape yang kalau dipanggil, die menjenguk ke atas?
Answer: Tukang gali kubur

15) Nak mencari sikit punye susah, bile dah dapat buang, ape bendanya?
Answer: Tahi hidung

16) Ape persamaan kain jemuran ngan telefon?
Answer: Dua-dua kalau dah 'kringgg' bole diangkat...

17) Knape pokok kelapa kat depan rumah harus ditebang?
Answer: Mestilah kene tebang, sape nak cabut pokok


Sunday, March 1, 2009


syasya sedang menulis di blog jhar. hahahha. jhar ade nama baru, jaym. stands for jay mok. ahhahaha

p/s: jhar. i guna blog u sambil mendengar bella's lullaby. HAHHAHA. padan muka.sorry.

qyna aka munchQYN, sila baca utk kaleidoskop kamu

Let’s hear a tale without its fairy
Let’s spend some time for a story

This is a typical tale of a race
This is a normal attitude about pace

There’s always waste of space and time
There’s always waste as if its value is just a dime

What more can others say
When more dropped space and chose delay

No use to think and talk
When more have decided to run the clock

It’s just tiring to speak on priority
When most have decided to retain identity

There’s nothing to be proud of
When we’re still here while others took off

There’s no good nor glory
When we’re still way behind the early

Everyone must have heard,
The tale of the early bird

So why are there still so many worms out of range?
Haven’t we taken enough notice of words change?

Don’t bother so much of Israel and Palestine
When we ourselves are so messed up within

Let us think for a sec
What kind of people are we in this pack

Let’s not waste another sec
Coz we’re no where near neck and neck

Come on and move
Shake and bake with the groove.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

burger daging double special

booyah~! burger ramli~!

well, yesterday i had dis baby for dinner. wohoooooo, burger daging double special. malay style. huhu. keseronokan maksima.

double daging. double gemok.
disalut telor kuning yang halus lagy protein.
disirami dan dibanjiri sos bbq serta tomato.
top it off wif vege. yeah.

sangat seronok memakan burger. hidup burger ramly. matilah mcd. haha.

anyways, its been a while since i visited dat stall, near my dad's ofis. i was very touched to see them do business. lets discuss shall we?

nowadays, the global economy meltdown is blundering n devastating everybody. millions have lost jobs. people suffer from them.

but i guess, those who r true n sincere in finding a decent job does get the protection of d alwealthy?

dulu, dis gerai sgt lah kecik. gerai burger, mcm biasalah. just simple2 burger n etc.
workers pon 2org je.
then they grew.

untuk mencari rezki yang halal la.

n they kept goin. dulu xde air, skrg ada satu lagy gerai air. macam2 aa, teh tarik, milo, cm mamak gak aa. soya bean pon ada.

then dah ada seats. tables. to dine in. dulu take away je. makin ramai jugak kat gerai tu. dah ada tshirt sama lagy.

i was really touched when one came to take my order, n he spoke kelantanese. heh. in the middle of kl ada lak ckp kelantan.

it rili shows how far people wud go to get a proper income, walaupon kecik.

then i discovered skrg diorg dah letak tv n siap ada astro tu. huhu.

i remembered shaq, my basketball coach, n also an oldboy of alam shah said,
dat walaupon ko business burger je skalipon, aku bangga dengan ko. sbb ape yang ko buat tu halal. n ko berusaha.

he is absolutely ryte.
who says u cannot business burger je?
start from scratch. then we grow. everybody grows.

ingat nike tu start2 dah ada boutique ke? diorg start niaga dalam bonet keter je la.

ingat apple n microsoft trus ada worldwide corp ke? diorg start build barang diorg dr motel n garage umah je.

ingat Nabi trus kaya ke? Baginda mengembala kambing dulu la. jadi salesman saidatina Khadijah dulu la.
(tapi ini tidak bermakna saya nak kata darjat Nabi mula dari kehinaan. saya nak kata Nabi melalui kesukaran hidup dulu, br senang.)

one thing i'd like to share is what Nabi holds tight.

He said :
as-siqqatu kanzi
translated as :
kepercayaan ialah perbendaharaanku.

maksud? kita sebagai Muslim, harus ada kepercayaan yang amat kuat, percaya kepada siapa? ALLAH.
kerana Nabi kata:
kanzul mukminiina rabbuh.
translated as:
perbendaharaan orang mukmin ialah Tuhannya.

so, in dis global meltdown, n economy slump, should we worry?
should we be down n sad? should we lose hope?

no, sebab apabila kita percaya, ada siqqah, terhadap ALLAH, kenapa kita perlu risau?
apabila Tuhan bank kita, apa nak risau? pergi mati la amerika nak bankrup or ape, sebab Tuhan bank kita.
selagi Tuhan bank kita, risau apa. rezeki di dalam genggaman ALLAH, bukan genggaman amerika or israel.

meh kita tgk balik kat situasi gerai burger tu. dalam2 org kene buang kerja skrg, diorg hidup je. siap berkembang lagy.

yang penting, ikhlas, usaha, n percaya. insyaAllah.

ps/ gerai burger kat setiawangsa, sebelah kedai parts kereta, sederet dengan cimb bank, jss, fotozzoom n etc.
meh dtg.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

holiday is over.

haih sedih gle wehhhhh hols dah abes
hw sepatah haram tak buat
rambut tak potong lagy

janji hanya tinggal perkataan aja
azam hanya tggal kenangan aja
dan cuti berlalu sebegitu saja

mengapa perlu start semula kolej?

tak kisah sgt kot pasal blaja
just hw, assignments, lecture, nags, lari2 pasal taknak rambut kene potong, kejarkan prep,

n here i am, worrying about all this
while all d palestinian are worrying about their life and death
hanging on their last breaths

how ungrateful can i be?
forgive me.

well, hope to see u kms people back in kolej yer.
ps- jgn buat hw pls.
thank u.