Sunday, March 15, 2009

balls, balls, balls

yesterday (march 14th) i had a basketball game. it was RAVES against BENCHWARMERS. i played for raves, benchwarmer is a team from seremban. both our teams are new teams, but i guess d benchwarmers are even fresher kot. haha. me n 3 other teammates arrived a lil late, just nice to see they finish off d first quarter, wif haiwei (nama sebenarnya hairil kot) shooting a sharp 3 and posed for it.

so i had my share of d game, playing no more than 2 quarters. d place was in serdang, smart court. just panas macam sauna kot. phewh.

well we won i guess, 100-60+. dalam banyak2 tu aku score 2points je. hahaha.
well now i wanna write some of d things my teammates told me to improve on, so dat i remember. and some of d weaknesses i saw by watching a small portion of d recorded game:

- i have to be much faster. dis i saw from d footage. damn, pump fake macam nak fake kucing je. sape pon tak makan.
- i have to set d game.
- not to be scared. im not scared, maybe just not showing any confidence kot.
-finish d ball. shoot, layups, i guess.
-create sumtin dat can brake d defence. yeah, i guess dis is true.
-move around, don't stand at just one point. so true.

well, next game is next saturday, but kene balik kms lak. xmauuuuuuuuuuu, nak mainnnnnn~!

n now im shifting to football plak. MANUTD vs LIVERPOOL~!
i wanted to watch d game kat maple (mamak place) wif frens, but i guess it was lucky of me dat i didnt kot. haih.

i guess most of d fans knw d results, damn manutd lost 4-1. :(
i was watching at home, dreadfully. sangat sedih juga.

i was shouting n rooting for manutd alone at home, like dis:

"tembak dia, tembak~!!!!!"
mostly when ronaldo amek freekick. n when org ade clear shot. but such misfortune.

well i guess congrats to liverpool, they played well. memang nampak macam nak menang la. ni manutd main cm xnak menang je. haih. dah la home.

nasib baik tak gi luar tgk bola ngan memember. kalo tak mmg muka kene tunjal2 la kalah. 4-1 lak tu. haih2.

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bLaDe said...

naseb baek la mlm th aku tgk ghost rider...
aku bukak espn je...mesti liverFOOL tgh score....
bustet tol...ceh..