Saturday, October 31, 2009

the law of attraction, optimistic, realistic and pessimistic

sometimes we might come to think in life, that things just dont happen the way that we want it to be, or the least expected it to be.

then we come to a part where we think that is life, it bites and it hurts. wake up n smell the coffee. this is reality.

while others succeed in life, we rot n dwell in failure.
while others enjoy their time, we fret n swell in our own mischief.

sometimes, its just hard to find a simple explanation on this life issue.

well, some say they have uncovered a secret. which is THE LAW OF ATTRACTION.

based on this law, they say that is why 1% of the world population controls the remaining 99%.

the law states that whatever we think of, we will attract it and tend to create this reality. if we think that we're going to be rich, then we are attracting the reality and it will tend to happen.
same goes the other way around. we think we're going to fail, then we are attracting that reality of failure to us and it will happen.

while i thot this would be just a theory and mayb just superficial, i thot again.
maybe this stuff could just be true enough of an explanation.

Nabi ada bersabda:
al-balaa u muwakkilu bil mantik.
"bala itu diwakilkan dengan perkataan"

from this hadith, Nabi said that anything bad we say will become into reality.
and this applies to anything good that we say.

so does this ring a bell in our heads?

maybe dis serves as an explanation y Islam teaches us to always say good things n prevent from saying bad things?
maybe dis is y Allah suruh kita selalu berdoa n meminta kepadaNya?

so, logically thinking, when we always say " y am i such a moron?" or "y am i such a loser" or stuffs,
well the answer is just within our heads.
we're losers bcoz we kept saying it.
we're losers coz we r losers right from our very thoughts.

what if we have d winners thought n mentality from the start?

people always say:
dari segi psikologi lagi dah kalah, or stuffs like dat.

maybe, dis is just the answer to the causes - and probably the solutions - to every problem there was, is, and going to be...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

saya, awak, dan mereka yang menghalang lalu lintas

its been a while since the last post. well, raya was it? ok lah tu. nampak la sibuk siket.

now, a few things happend since the last post. well, actually banyak, but trying to simplify things.

ok, so the other day, nuqaba' played the dvd "Man Ana?" (siapa saya)by Habib Ali Al-Jufri during usrah. eventho i've seen it over n over again, still so many have been forgotten. which completely shows that we always need to be reminded.

one of the best part i liked about the talk is the question of existense.

adakah kewujudan kita ini suatu kewujudan yang hakiki ataupun maani?
adakah kewujudan kita ini suatu kewujudan yang pasti atau pon ilusi?
adakah kewujudan kita ini suatu kewajipan atau pon keharusan?

dengan memikirkan persoalan2 ini, kita boleh lihat sebenarnye, bahawa orang2 yang mengetengahkan kepentingan diri sendiri dan mengetepikan kepentingan ramai adalah orang yang tidak menyedari hakikat kewujudan diri sendiri.

sekiranya kewujudan kita ini bukanlah wajib, malah bukan kewujudan yang sebenar2nya, adalah pelih sekiranya kita mementingkan diri sendiri.

sungguh pelik orang yang boleh berkata:

its my right.
i demand it to be given to me.

dan sebagainya.

sungguh pelik.

dan seterusnya, kisah open hse syasya.

well, biasalah kan. biasanya bila kata nak sampai pukul 1, kul 2-3 la sampai.
nasib baik la kata nak sampai pukul 1, kalo kata nak sampai pukul 3, pukul brape plak nak sampai?

pokok ceritanya is about driving.
sungguh lama saya driving dan duduk dlm kereta. mainly becoz tggu org aa.

1 thing dat made me wonder, y do people always block the right lane while they r actually slow pokes?
kenapa byk org yg slow di jalan raya? (slow yang melambatkan perjalanan lalu lintas)

sungguh menghairankan kenapa byk org yg bleh slow2, seolah2 mereka mempunya masa yang sangat banyak untuk di spend atas jalan raya.

sekirnya betol pon banyak masa, tidakkah mereka pernah mendengar kata2 Nabi bahawa " musafir itu ialah secebis daripada azab"?

so kenapa nak mengazab diri lama2 dgn bermusafir di jalan raya?

hmmm, masyarakat zaman skrg sangat memelikkan orang lain.