Friday, November 28, 2008

weyh weyh, whey weyh~

d other day, amoi (bukan nama sebenar hafizah amadzun) told me dat d ITGS kids told us dat CHOKI-CHOKI is not good for health as it is made from d intestine of cows. well, i've heard of dis matter so many times already and gladly my mom told me d story behind dis actually.

so here's d idea weyh.

d main reason for d statement from d ITGS kids is becoz choki-choki had d ingredient WHEY POWDER in it.

what is whey powder?

whey powder comes from milk, and is a by product in which d coagulation of milk separates them into two : liquid (whey) and solid (curd), in which the curd is later becomes the cheese.

so basically, whey is ok to be eaten, as it is actually milk from goat, cow, buffalo, or sheep.

so kawan2, jangan risau lah nak makan choki2. whey is actually safe. :) since the ITGS kids said it originates from cows.


there's some slight technical problems nowadays.

in separating the milk to curd and whey, they need enzymes, or acids, to coagulate it. so, they usually use rennet enzyme , or we usually know it as rennin.

so here's d catch. my mom told me dat in large industries, they tend to use dis enzymes.
these enzymes are usually of cow and calf origin.

we might not know how d cow or calf have been slaughtered. is it slaughtered? or is it not?
halal ke haram? baca bismillah ke x?

my mom said when she studied food tech dulu, she knew dat certain industries might use rennin from pig origin.
in which for sure haram lahhhhhhhhhh.

so, now.
we don't really know d status of d food, whether it is halal or not.
whether d enzyme is of which origin.
whether the way of getting the enzyme is ryte or wrong.

kita tak tau, but antara halal dan haram
ialah syubhah.

syubhah ialah status antara halal dan haram, so kita tak tau exactly boleh ke tak.
ada 10 keburukan perkara2 syubhah, seperti dalam kitab2 ulama' ada tertulis,
but i remembered 1 badness of syubhah :

gelap hati.

so to just play safe, we must be aware lah. perkara2 syubhah ni. check dulu apa kita makan tu, ingridients dia apa.
check whether ada whey powder or not. coz unsur2 syubhah tu dtg dr situ lah.
coz to produce whey, they need enzyme rennet. and if they use rennet, then dari situlah datang syubhah dia tu.

erm, check on many dairy and chocolate products la.
such as ferrero rocher, mars, snickers etc.
choki2. =P

then kalo rajin do research on it.
coz sometimes they dun use rennet, industries use vegetable rennet, acid, etc.
which are not of mammal origin.
which is OK. =)

so people out there, i hope we will be more aware of what we eat.
coz after all, we are what we eat.

and kalo we eat benda2 haram,
neraka je bleh sucikan daging2 kita nih.
in which neraka tu sangat lah sakit kan.

for more info on cheese, rennet, curd and whey, you can go to wikipedia here :

then look la for rennet, cheese, ethics n all.
search lah whatever u want pon.

wabillah hi taufiq.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

pizza and cheese

to the malaysians out there, have u been listening to lately, as in today (26th Nov)? in case u did noy, well here's d news. its about these guys.

JJ and Rudy~

ok, its like this. in case u did not hear about it, JJ and Rudy would not be together anymore. what i meant was that they're goin separate ways. it's rudy. Rudy decided that he would try something different for a change. it's not that he's goin to leave, he's changing shifts. he's goin to the afternoon shift for hitz top 30 from 1-3pm ( i think) while JJ stays with the morning crew.Rudy said the shift changes starting next monday (1st Dec).

the thing is, things won't be the same again :( JJ rocks coz he has Rudy. and Rudy rocks coz he has JJ. who's goin to gotcha people in the morning now? cmon mannnnn. adoiiii. JJ said there is goin to be a new person in place of Rudy. but we know :

patah tumbuh hilang berganti
yang diganti tak sama dengan yang pergi

we know dat JJ would still rock the morning crew coz he always does. but try to imagine things this way :

superman and lois lane
imagine no lois lane. who would superman hug then in this scene?

dark knight and boy wonder
if there would be someone to replace robin,
would he be boy WONDER or boy BLUNDER?

Al and Genie
if Al rubbed the lamp, who would come out of the lamp if there's no Genie?
u want iago to come out of the lamp?

they opened slots for callers to voiced out their thoughts on the shift change. and many expressed their grief and sadness. but its Rudy's choice. so we have to support and respect him.

i loved one of the simile one of the callers told JJ and Rudy on how they complimented each other. yeah, i agree. :)

you guys are like pizza and cheese.
evenly tasty and delightful in separate plates,
but the combo rocks best in the same pan~

anyways, all the best JJ and Rudy. :)


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

swimming in the deep blue ocean

so today, i've come to a topic on swimming. in the deep blue ocean. swimming is a great activity, it keeps us healthy and all. but there's always danger in d ocean and everything in it can be dangerous.

the ocean is wide and deep.
the ocean is wide. it is also deep. we need knowledge and skills if we are to discover its true value. we need to know how to swim. know how to dive. know how to float. know the weather. know soo many things in between. if we have these skills, we might then come out of the ocean alive.

look at this baby swimming for d dollar bill.

the ocean contains many unknown treasure. there's so many wealth in it. to put it simple, there's piles and piles of dollar bills in it, just waiting to be exploited and grabbed. but in order to do so, we need to be able to survive the ocean itself. coz like i said before, the ocean is deep.

let's take d baby picture as an example. do we rilli think dat the baby can actually survive in the water like dat? can d baby swim? even if the baby got hold of the money, can he actually come out alive? its lucky dat he can reach d money, since the money is not that deep in the ocean yet. wat if the money was already at the bottom of d ocean?

usually the greatest treasures lie at the bottom of the ocean. how can we get there, and get out, alive? such interesting questions ryte?

well, dis is my main point actually.

lautan dunia ini mmg luas,
dan memang banyak khazanah di dalamnya.

namun, lebih luas lagi lautan ilmu Allah.
serta lautan ilmu hadith dan sunnah Rasulullah.

lautan ilmu Allah yang tidak bertepian, tidak ada dasarnya.
tanpa batasan.
serta lautan ilmu Rasullah.
di mana perbandingan ilmu seluruh makhluk kepada ilmu Baginda,
bagai sebutir pasir dan lautan pasir mengelilinginya.

if we wish for the pearls of knowledge that lies at the bottom of the sea,
can we actually survive the bottomless sea of knowledge that Allah owns?
or even the extremely broad knowldge of Nabi Muhammad?

without help, skills, and power,
we'll die.
lost in d depths of the ocean.

Allah ada berfirman which translates something like this :
berapa ramai yang masuk neraka, kerana Al-Quran itu sendiri.

in another firman which translates sumting like dis :
ingatlah apabila kamu mentafsir al-Quran dengan akal semata-mata, tempat kamu ialah neraka.

i hope this can asnwer ur question,
what if a person does not want to stick to a mazhab,
n only wishes to use al-Quran n sunnah.

coz d 4 imam of mazhab is like professional divers.
professional swim coaches.
that can survive the deepest darkest depths of the sea of knowledge that Allah owns.
and the sea of knowledge Nabi Muhammad owns.

and they can present to us the greatest pearls our eyes have ever seen.

and we won't die because of the depths.
and still obtain those precious pearls of knowledge.

i hope this small article also answers anybody's confused mind out there.

wabillahi taufiq.


Monday, November 24, 2008

semat sungguh issue2 dalam news paper nowadays

okay today i had 3 free periods, all of d teachers went to mumbai. (seronok wehh) so i spent the first period studying... d news paper. so i happened to read some articles as below. it was in the NST, 24TH NOV. so here are the topics. i guess u might wanna read it. its very.... interesting. (i guess lah)

hey muslims out there, cant u read?

ok, here's d main heat in malaysia today. its about the yoga thing. ok, so fatwa council said so, HARAM. woi semat, its haram. tak reti2 ke? do we really think dat the fatwa council consist of a bunch of birdbrains like us? they are people with knowledge. its their field, islamic studies. they have hujah, dalil, sebab, semua lah. they are more expert in this field than us.
Nabi bersabda maksudnya :
kau lebih mengetahui atas urusan dunia kalian
so, diorg ni mmg expert in this field. so kita yang tak reti sepatah ape ni, jahil pasal agama, ada hati nak question d fatwa? like a baby of an engineer, building toy blocks pon senget, ada hati nak kata his father's building yang senget?

why should we question? and bukannya dis pengharaman ni bertentangan dengan agama. better yet, dis is for our good. some might ask me why. so here's why.
we can compromise with culture, kebudayaan, but we cannot compromise with religion.
for example, kalo benda2 kebudayaan macam makan kuih bulan ke, makan ape ke, dat doesnt involve religion, its ok. islam allows it.
kalo benda2 berkaitan agama, no.
as for example, this yoga thing. yoga originates from hindu, having hindu elements. we cannot compromise dat. tanda murtad ada 3 kan : hati, perkataan, dan perbuatan. in this aspect of discussion, we're doing a practice of another religion. no, islam does not allow dis semat.

and getting on to hindu. (ni yang panas nihhhhhhh) i quote from d article above :

datuk vaithilingam said using the word haram in barring Muslims from practicing yoga was uncalled for. he said in a multiracial, multi-religious country, the FATWA COUNCIL SHOUD BE MORE SENSITIVE IN ITS CHOICE OF WORDS.

"instead, they should have used words like unsuitable for Muslims. the word haram could have been avoided"
said dis semat hindu guy, president of hindu sangam.

ya ALLAH~!!!! sumpah panas weh ngan statement ni. dis guy is telling our fatwa council dat we should not use haram? then nak pakai apa, TABOO? cmon lah weh, its our religion, not urs. korg nak yoga ke, ape ke, itu hak korg lah, agama korg. jangan kacau agama org lah.

i speak on dis based on our daily favourite surah lazim, surah al kafirun which translates :

Katakanlah (wahai Muhammad): “Hai orang-orang kafir!
“Aku tidak akan menyembah apa yang kamu sembah.
“Dan kamu tidak mahu menyembah (Allah) yang aku sembah.
“Dan aku tidak akan beribadat secara kamu beribadat.
“Dan kamu pula tidak mahu beribadat secara aku beribadat.
“Bagi kamu ugama kamu, dan bagiku ugamaku”.

adoii. terang2 lagy, sejak dulu lagy, inilah yang ALLAH AJAR to NABI MUHAMMAD, how to answer these kind of people. so MUSLIMS, we have our own faith n guide. so biar je agama lain tu.

still, if people are still ignorant (which usually happens), then biar aje lah.
sebab ALLAH ade kata, which sounds sumting like dis :

kau nak buat ape, buatlah. tapi INGAT. kelak kau akan diperhitungkan.

so still up for yoga? sila2. jangan segan2.

ps/ i want yogi2. kat carrefour slalu ada. sedap seh.. not more than 2 bux plak tu. huhu.
ps/s - yogi2 tu ice cream lahhhhhh.

i hope dis post wud help us muslims. coz i always remembered people saying,
when islam was in a confrontation, wat did u do to help?

so if some1 asked me whether i helped or not, i guess i tried my best.
much apologies.

wabillah hi taufiq.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

friends and beyond

ok, wats life without frens ryte? so here i guess i'd like acknowledge some of them that are very2 close to me. CLOSE doesnt mean dat they're always with me, but always in my heart. dis people have very special values dat is extraordinary, well at least to ME. n they r worth to be called TRUE FRIENDS. and even BEYOND.

ok first up, these TWO MANGKUKs,

as much as i know of these two guys, they are friends and beyond. we played basketball for years n years together. studied and did almost everything together back in ALAM SHAH.
special people.
soo many memories together.

ok, d next BOWL is dis guy, mr ANUAR F.A.T.
studied with him for 4 years in alam shah, n now TERPAKSA menghadap muka dia lagy for 2years in KMS. (ROOMATE PLAK TU)

nasib lahhh.

owh, here's another table utensil, ARIP.
met him just as i entered KMS. (rommates jugak)
tak habis2 dgn dragon ball 7 bijik semuanya.

soo many hardships, memories, experience.
surely will last forever.
standing in the eyes of d world.

last but
been a long time since we known each other.
many ups, many downs.
shared soo many experiences.
distance have always bring us apart,
but dat doesnt rili apply to the heart.

and yeah, others out there. we might take time to know each other,
but everyone is special in respective ways.
if u think ur supposed to be in dis column of mine,
do tell me.
i'll put u in serious consideration, since u actually read my blog.

thanx for ur time reading my blog. do comment. or anything. =)


funny words that actually means alot

kobe n gasol warming d bench
no challenge i guess?

ok here's d deal. i've been reading comments on on teams n all.
so yeah lakers have been thrasing ppl around dis days. n they needs a challenge.
as a laker fan, i guess i'll be looking forward to see their game sometime during hols. (cepat la cuti wehhhhhhhhhhh~!)

so here's d article on d rampaging lakers. note some of the funny phrases that actually reflects reality tho. =)

LOS ANGELES -- Attention to the 29 teams in the National Basketball Association that don't have Jack Nicholson sitting courtside at your home games: Can one of you please show up and give the Lakers a game?

Los Angeles is now 10-1 thanks to a 104-90 dismantling of a Nuggets team that was supposedly retooled, revamped and renewed thanks to the addition of Chauncey Billups.

Strange, it looked like the same old Denver team that lost 4-0 to L.A. in the First Round of last year's playoffs to me.

You remember that series, where the Lakers not just swept, but undressed the Nuggets in four games? L.A. averaged 114.75 points in that series, outscoring the Nuggets by an average of 13.25 points per game and giving Denver the title as the only 50-win team ever to exit the playoffs via the help of a broom in the First Round.

Allen Iverson, Marcus Camby and Carmelo Anthony's cornrows are gone from that squad, but the dejected Nuggets team that exited STAPLES Center on Friday looked nothing like the confident, 8-4 group that came in.

The Lakers have a way of doing that to you. Especially when Bryant is scoring 29 points on 12-for-18 shooting without playing a minute in the fourth quarter, Andrew Bynum is putting up 13 points, 13 rebounds and matching a career high with five assists and Trevor Ariza is beating the shotclock with a rainbow three-point heave in the fourth quarter to swell a 14-point lead into a 17-point drubbing.

"We just had a tough night," Billups (15 points, nine assists) said as he addressed the media while his teammate Anthony sat slumped over with his head in his hands for a good 20 minutes in the next locker over. "That team is just a really, really good team. They don't let you do what you want to do. That's what great teams do. They're long, they can play fast, they can play slow. We just had a rough night."

Anthony (5-for-19 shooting, 10 points, three turnovers) had the roughest night of all which Lakers head coach Phil Jackson attributed to his team's focus on the budding star. "[The key was] not giving him opportunities," Jackson said. "Getting a body on him when he has the basketball. Turning him to the baseline. Trying to keep him from the middle."

The Nuggets didn't look anything like the team that came into the game riding a four-game winning streak that included a road victory over the Celtics and was carrying a 7-1 mark with Billups at the point.

They looked more like the Blazers, Clippers or Rockets -- all of whom fell by double digits at the hands of L.A.'s dynamic defense and terrific triangle.

The only blemish on the Lakers' record is that 106-95 loss to Detroit that happened a week ago, but L.A. was able to block that out of its memory almost as soon as the final buzzer sounded, chalking up the outcome to "Detroit just got hot, you can't do anything about that" and pushing forward.

Baron Davis called the Lakers "a machine" earlier in the season and if L.A. was an Apple IIc back when Davis made the comment a couple weeks ago, it's become a Mac PowerBook G4 by now. The first time L.A. played Denver in just its third game of the season, the Lakers needed 14 points from Bryant in the fourth quarter to pull off the road win. On Friday the guys in purple and gold were already up by 21 points heading into the final quarter and thus no Bryant bailout was necessary.

The Lakers' 10-1 start matches the pace that of the record-setting 72-10 Chicago Bulls, who started 1995-96 with the same mark.

"They have a lot of weapons, they have their offensive weapons and they've turned themselves into a pretty good defensive team ... most of the games have been double digits and they're stream rolling the whole league right now," Nuggets coach George Karl said.

After not playing particularly sharp but still flattening the Suns on Thursday, the second night of a back-to-back on Friday was precise domination. The Lakers finished off the Nuggets worse than that turkey in the background of the Sarah Palin interview that has been making the rounds on the Internet.

It only seems to get easier for L.A. The Lakers next nine games against the Nets, Mavericks, Raptors, Pacers, Sixers, Wizards, Bucks and Kings (twice) are against teams with a combined record of 38-64 (.373) and none of them have a record better than .500 as of Nov. 21.

It's feasible that L.A. might not face a worthy adversary in its next 17 games remaining leading up to the highly-anticipated Finals rematch with Boston on Christmas day. Only four teams in that stretch have records above .500: the Suns, who L.A. easily disposed of on Thursday; the Knicks, who completely overhauled their roster today and will probably experience some growing pains finding their chemistry over the next couple weeks; the Hornets, who the Lakers already downed in New Orleans and who don't look as good as they were last season for whatever reason; and the Magic, who split their season series with the Lakers last year but don't have the bench that can match L.A.'s depth.

"We are just excited every time that we step on the floor, ready for the new challenge," Bryant said after the game.

Challenge? Really? Kobe, you guys led by 27 points in the first half on Friday. That's not a challenge, that's a charity.

I propose we get a time machine, go back to 1996 and get shaved Phil Jackson to coach against bearded Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan and the Bulls so that these Lakers can play against an opponent that actually presents a challenge.

Is that too much to ask?

Friday, November 21, 2008

my very first blog entry

ok ok salam sejahtera ke atas anda semua yang membaca. huhu. well, the first thot of ME, JHAR
having a blog is kinda absurd. well yeah, i agree. and dis also kinda contradicts with my own stand dat i shud rather spend time on homework and studies rather than blogging. yea i know.
STUPID JHAR. but semua itu biasalah, stupidity. huhu.

well i guess i wanted to dis STUPID BLOG OF MINE maybe because of a few factors :

reading other people's blog:
syasya, qyna, dj, and also mislan.
(but i greatly blame SYASYA and QYNA)

d media:
thank u RAJA PETRA.
dan lelain lah~

and my ownself lah~ haha.

apsal tetibe font ni taknak turun balik jd biasa weh? siot tol.
anyways, i hope people will enjoy reading my blog
if ur reading this, then i thank u very much.