Wednesday, November 26, 2008

pizza and cheese

to the malaysians out there, have u been listening to lately, as in today (26th Nov)? in case u did noy, well here's d news. its about these guys.

JJ and Rudy~

ok, its like this. in case u did not hear about it, JJ and Rudy would not be together anymore. what i meant was that they're goin separate ways. it's rudy. Rudy decided that he would try something different for a change. it's not that he's goin to leave, he's changing shifts. he's goin to the afternoon shift for hitz top 30 from 1-3pm ( i think) while JJ stays with the morning crew.Rudy said the shift changes starting next monday (1st Dec).

the thing is, things won't be the same again :( JJ rocks coz he has Rudy. and Rudy rocks coz he has JJ. who's goin to gotcha people in the morning now? cmon mannnnn. adoiiii. JJ said there is goin to be a new person in place of Rudy. but we know :

patah tumbuh hilang berganti
yang diganti tak sama dengan yang pergi

we know dat JJ would still rock the morning crew coz he always does. but try to imagine things this way :

superman and lois lane
imagine no lois lane. who would superman hug then in this scene?

dark knight and boy wonder
if there would be someone to replace robin,
would he be boy WONDER or boy BLUNDER?

Al and Genie
if Al rubbed the lamp, who would come out of the lamp if there's no Genie?
u want iago to come out of the lamp?

they opened slots for callers to voiced out their thoughts on the shift change. and many expressed their grief and sadness. but its Rudy's choice. so we have to support and respect him.

i loved one of the simile one of the callers told JJ and Rudy on how they complimented each other. yeah, i agree. :)

you guys are like pizza and cheese.
evenly tasty and delightful in separate plates,
but the combo rocks best in the same pan~

anyways, all the best JJ and Rudy. :)


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