Monday, November 24, 2008

semat sungguh issue2 dalam news paper nowadays

okay today i had 3 free periods, all of d teachers went to mumbai. (seronok wehh) so i spent the first period studying... d news paper. so i happened to read some articles as below. it was in the NST, 24TH NOV. so here are the topics. i guess u might wanna read it. its very.... interesting. (i guess lah)

hey muslims out there, cant u read?

ok, here's d main heat in malaysia today. its about the yoga thing. ok, so fatwa council said so, HARAM. woi semat, its haram. tak reti2 ke? do we really think dat the fatwa council consist of a bunch of birdbrains like us? they are people with knowledge. its their field, islamic studies. they have hujah, dalil, sebab, semua lah. they are more expert in this field than us.
Nabi bersabda maksudnya :
kau lebih mengetahui atas urusan dunia kalian
so, diorg ni mmg expert in this field. so kita yang tak reti sepatah ape ni, jahil pasal agama, ada hati nak question d fatwa? like a baby of an engineer, building toy blocks pon senget, ada hati nak kata his father's building yang senget?

why should we question? and bukannya dis pengharaman ni bertentangan dengan agama. better yet, dis is for our good. some might ask me why. so here's why.
we can compromise with culture, kebudayaan, but we cannot compromise with religion.
for example, kalo benda2 kebudayaan macam makan kuih bulan ke, makan ape ke, dat doesnt involve religion, its ok. islam allows it.
kalo benda2 berkaitan agama, no.
as for example, this yoga thing. yoga originates from hindu, having hindu elements. we cannot compromise dat. tanda murtad ada 3 kan : hati, perkataan, dan perbuatan. in this aspect of discussion, we're doing a practice of another religion. no, islam does not allow dis semat.

and getting on to hindu. (ni yang panas nihhhhhhh) i quote from d article above :

datuk vaithilingam said using the word haram in barring Muslims from practicing yoga was uncalled for. he said in a multiracial, multi-religious country, the FATWA COUNCIL SHOUD BE MORE SENSITIVE IN ITS CHOICE OF WORDS.

"instead, they should have used words like unsuitable for Muslims. the word haram could have been avoided"
said dis semat hindu guy, president of hindu sangam.

ya ALLAH~!!!! sumpah panas weh ngan statement ni. dis guy is telling our fatwa council dat we should not use haram? then nak pakai apa, TABOO? cmon lah weh, its our religion, not urs. korg nak yoga ke, ape ke, itu hak korg lah, agama korg. jangan kacau agama org lah.

i speak on dis based on our daily favourite surah lazim, surah al kafirun which translates :

Katakanlah (wahai Muhammad): “Hai orang-orang kafir!
“Aku tidak akan menyembah apa yang kamu sembah.
“Dan kamu tidak mahu menyembah (Allah) yang aku sembah.
“Dan aku tidak akan beribadat secara kamu beribadat.
“Dan kamu pula tidak mahu beribadat secara aku beribadat.
“Bagi kamu ugama kamu, dan bagiku ugamaku”.

adoii. terang2 lagy, sejak dulu lagy, inilah yang ALLAH AJAR to NABI MUHAMMAD, how to answer these kind of people. so MUSLIMS, we have our own faith n guide. so biar je agama lain tu.

still, if people are still ignorant (which usually happens), then biar aje lah.
sebab ALLAH ade kata, which sounds sumting like dis :

kau nak buat ape, buatlah. tapi INGAT. kelak kau akan diperhitungkan.

so still up for yoga? sila2. jangan segan2.

ps/ i want yogi2. kat carrefour slalu ada. sedap seh.. not more than 2 bux plak tu. huhu.
ps/s - yogi2 tu ice cream lahhhhhh.

i hope dis post wud help us muslims. coz i always remembered people saying,
when islam was in a confrontation, wat did u do to help?

so if some1 asked me whether i helped or not, i guess i tried my best.
much apologies.

wabillah hi taufiq.