Friday, November 21, 2008

my very first blog entry

ok ok salam sejahtera ke atas anda semua yang membaca. huhu. well, the first thot of ME, JHAR
having a blog is kinda absurd. well yeah, i agree. and dis also kinda contradicts with my own stand dat i shud rather spend time on homework and studies rather than blogging. yea i know.
STUPID JHAR. but semua itu biasalah, stupidity. huhu.

well i guess i wanted to dis STUPID BLOG OF MINE maybe because of a few factors :

reading other people's blog:
syasya, qyna, dj, and also mislan.
(but i greatly blame SYASYA and QYNA)

d media:
thank u RAJA PETRA.
dan lelain lah~

and my ownself lah~ haha.

apsal tetibe font ni taknak turun balik jd biasa weh? siot tol.
anyways, i hope people will enjoy reading my blog
if ur reading this, then i thank u very much.