Tuesday, November 25, 2008

swimming in the deep blue ocean

so today, i've come to a topic on swimming. in the deep blue ocean. swimming is a great activity, it keeps us healthy and all. but there's always danger in d ocean and everything in it can be dangerous.

the ocean is wide and deep.
the ocean is wide. it is also deep. we need knowledge and skills if we are to discover its true value. we need to know how to swim. know how to dive. know how to float. know the weather. know soo many things in between. if we have these skills, we might then come out of the ocean alive.

look at this baby swimming for d dollar bill.

the ocean contains many unknown treasure. there's so many wealth in it. to put it simple, there's piles and piles of dollar bills in it, just waiting to be exploited and grabbed. but in order to do so, we need to be able to survive the ocean itself. coz like i said before, the ocean is deep.

let's take d baby picture as an example. do we rilli think dat the baby can actually survive in the water like dat? can d baby swim? even if the baby got hold of the money, can he actually come out alive? its lucky dat he can reach d money, since the money is not that deep in the ocean yet. wat if the money was already at the bottom of d ocean?

usually the greatest treasures lie at the bottom of the ocean. how can we get there, and get out, alive? such interesting questions ryte?

well, dis is my main point actually.

lautan dunia ini mmg luas,
dan memang banyak khazanah di dalamnya.

namun, lebih luas lagi lautan ilmu Allah.
serta lautan ilmu hadith dan sunnah Rasulullah.

lautan ilmu Allah yang tidak bertepian, tidak ada dasarnya.
tanpa batasan.
serta lautan ilmu Rasullah.
di mana perbandingan ilmu seluruh makhluk kepada ilmu Baginda,
bagai sebutir pasir dan lautan pasir mengelilinginya.

if we wish for the pearls of knowledge that lies at the bottom of the sea,
can we actually survive the bottomless sea of knowledge that Allah owns?
or even the extremely broad knowldge of Nabi Muhammad?

without help, skills, and power,
we'll die.
lost in d depths of the ocean.

Allah ada berfirman which translates something like this :
berapa ramai yang masuk neraka, kerana Al-Quran itu sendiri.

in another firman which translates sumting like dis :
ingatlah apabila kamu mentafsir al-Quran dengan akal semata-mata, tempat kamu ialah neraka.

i hope this can asnwer ur question,
what if a person does not want to stick to a mazhab,
n only wishes to use al-Quran n sunnah.

coz d 4 imam of mazhab is like professional divers.
professional swim coaches.
that can survive the deepest darkest depths of the sea of knowledge that Allah owns.
and the sea of knowledge Nabi Muhammad owns.

and they can present to us the greatest pearls our eyes have ever seen.

and we won't die because of the depths.
and still obtain those precious pearls of knowledge.

i hope this small article also answers anybody's confused mind out there.

wabillahi taufiq.


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Syasya Fickry said...

wahai jhar. i x kata i x pegang mazhab. i asked out of curiosity. ;)