Sunday, March 1, 2009

qyna aka munchQYN, sila baca utk kaleidoskop kamu

Let’s hear a tale without its fairy
Let’s spend some time for a story

This is a typical tale of a race
This is a normal attitude about pace

There’s always waste of space and time
There’s always waste as if its value is just a dime

What more can others say
When more dropped space and chose delay

No use to think and talk
When more have decided to run the clock

It’s just tiring to speak on priority
When most have decided to retain identity

There’s nothing to be proud of
When we’re still here while others took off

There’s no good nor glory
When we’re still way behind the early

Everyone must have heard,
The tale of the early bird

So why are there still so many worms out of range?
Haven’t we taken enough notice of words change?

Don’t bother so much of Israel and Palestine
When we ourselves are so messed up within

Let us think for a sec
What kind of people are we in this pack

Let’s not waste another sec
Coz we’re no where near neck and neck

Come on and move
Shake and bake with the groove.

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