Tuesday, December 15, 2009

nutrional myths

i was browsing around nba.com then followed up to nbafit. so here's some of the nutritional tips that they had n hey, it rili helps. orang skrg byk sgt terpengaruh wif diets on tv, by celebs n all.
i guess we shud follow the pros, especially athletes n their trainers' advise because its their main business ryte. well hope this helps :D

Nutrition Myths: Part 1
Posted May 20 2009 11:43AM
From Hornets' Strength & Conditioning Coach, Jack Manson

These are a list of Nutrition Myths are very common amongst the athletic population. In addition, these are also phrases that I have heard from NBA athletes.

Eating large amounts of protein is a good source of energy and will help me grow and get bigger

* The function of protein is to repair damaged muscle tissue caused by weight training. Just eating protein is not going to help you build more muscle but the timing of protein will (ex. Before, during, and after a training session)
* If you do not eat carbohydrates (ex. Low carb diet) or skip a meal, your body will burn muscle for energy (ex. Nightime ¡V when sleeping)
* The body can only breakdown about 5-9 grams of protein per hour depending on the type so a large meal (ex 16oz steak) with too much protein will be broken down and converted into FAT Storage

Skipping meals is the most effective way for me to lose weight

This is actually the one of the most dangerous strategies (Stimulants being #1) to lose weight, especially for an athlete. As previously mentioned, skipping meals (ex. Breakfast) can cause the following:

* Slower metabolism
* Higher Body Fat or Less Muscle Mass
* Decrease performance on field
* Decrease Strength
* Increase in Weight (Long-term)

Only drink water during your lifting sessions is the best option to stay hydrated

* You may be ok in regards to hydration but your muscles will not. Did you know that the Stress Hormone Cortisol is elevated during an intense weight training session.
* Just by sipping a 16-20 oz Gatorade during a 60-90 strength training workout can decrease Cortisol by 50% helping you minimize muscle damage and maintain or improve strength
* By consuming a little protein during and after your workout, you increase muscle recovery and increase your ability to improve strength and performance.
* One of the best Recovery Beverages: Chocolate Milk
* EAS Myoplex Light or Original Shakes and bars are very effective stratigies to improve muscle recovery

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