Saturday, December 20, 2008

"yes, ok, boleh~"

suddenly i just thot about it. haha. in times when we're soo bz, we just dun mind others yg kecik2 ni kan. haha. so i remembered an event which involved me n my youngest bro. huhu. rilu funny.

as d picture above shows, we were in d car lah. such a cute boy kan? (me la, not him.) we were somewhere else, wearing sumtin else as d picture too. so i was bored. i liked to bother adam (him laa).

so, i tried menggigit-ing his chubby fat arms. hahahaha. gempal2. n then dia jerit2. then i said to him:

"nak makan adam boleh?"

dia bising2 la. haha. my mom was just outside d car window, talkin to a friend. asyik gle ah my mom borak2. haha. then dgr adam bsing2. she just suro adam diam, jangan goyang2 kereta. haha.

then adam complained to mommy :

"mommyyyyyyy, firdaus kata nak makan adam~!!!"

my mom replied:

" yes yes, ok, boleh2"

then sambung talking. hahahahahahahaha.

lagy bergegar kereta. hahahahahaha. adam tak puas aty. huhuhuhu.

well, i think when times we're soo bz, we wud just do sumtin simple je so dat we can get back to our things. haha. n i guess i can continue kacau adam. hahahaha.



ct.mashitah said...

hye.. dropped by. =)
di waktu sengkang, sy ske tarik rmbut adk sy.. :D
(xsakit pn laa)

jhar said...

try gigit laaaa

Ivan Pylat said...

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