Friday, December 12, 2008

OH MY GOD edward cullen~! he's soooo hot~!

my BOTTOM. sungguh kelakar fenomena dalam wayang semalam. (thursday december 14th) so here's my story of it lah. huhu.

edward cullen.

ok, i went to sunway pyramids yesterday. from plan A went to plan B. so dun mind plan A, coz it did not happen.
Plan B was i joined anne (nama main2) and wa (sepatutnya nama sebenar) dan kumpulan kanak2 mereka (cousins n sibs) to sunway pyramid and watch dis movie.

well, i arrived dead early, at 10.30+ i guess. i cudnt believe myself either. anyways, i went to tgv n picked up their tickets for d movie. then i roamed around, like a lost soul, alone (sobs). window shopped alot (menahan diri from buying stuffs). till they eventually arrived, 2hours later. (tercabut kaki)

so then before the movie bwk la diorg pusing2 sikit, tgk2 kedai. malaysian saving sales lah, katanye.
then its off to d movies.

okay, so twilight. byk gle chicks tgk. adoyh. when they introduced d CULLENS, everyone was like owh wow.

then he showed up. (in the movie)

ehem ehem.
edward cullen.

and here goes d chicks. (i hope no guys did d same)

aaaaah~! wooooohhhhhh~!

and here goes me.

yeah girls.
glide to the screen.
suck his blood.

adoyyy, this is the first time i ever watched a movie in d cinema n then heard girls actually going nuts over a hot guy. i knw la he's hot, but lepak2 dah la. he cnt hear his fans now, not in tgv sunway pyramids. adoy, wats happening to the world nowadays.

n then into the movie n story itself. well, i find the movie quite ok lah. just dat, ok. d story line dat is. vampire, human. love. suck blood. fight vampires.
not much of villains anywhere. suspen je lebih. lawan sket2 je pon dh kalah. tak seronoknye.

then wat i find amusing (and dis irrated anne) was d action of gliding and also piggy-backing bella.
haha. edward was supposed to be super fast ryte. yeah i knw, i cn see d trees move past them rili fast. but edwards feet was like he was on a treadmill. slow mo kot. hahahaha. kaki dia tak laju ponnnnn~ XD

then d gliding. from tree to tree. ok, i get it. but he was like:

look at me, im jacky chan~
gliding slow mo~
no action.
just hands out.
n feet not moving.

i was laughing like hell. hahahaha. n dis also included d scene when edward climbed to the top of the tree.
super fast weh. tp panjat pokok tangan takyah cengkam trees pon. pergh hebat.

i told wa (sitting beside me) n she was also laughing juga. hahaha. kelakar weh.

anyways, i think d director (or stuntman) shud do some better job of making it look more realistic i guess? haha
n yeah, twilight was hell jiwang movie.
(but i liked edward's ride tho, d new volvo. nice wehhhhhhhh)

then we're off, jalan2. actually teman wa shopping je pon. wa shop mcm sial je. byk gle baba. dah la tgh sales, lg la shopping spree. anne hardly bought anything.
but anne had a nice time making me her doll, pakai scarf, shades, snow cap, hat, ape lagy.
then gelak cm gila. lempang br tau. (ayat je lebih, if ur reading this anne) huhu.

owh yea, we were in nose, wa was searching for heels, then aqasha d actor came in. wif his gf kot.
muka pancit, tak larat. masuk2 je trus duduk kat seats. then kene blah dah, n his face showed dis words within :

nak gerak dah ke?
br je duduk ni wehhh.
patah tulang tongkeng.
(i think those were d words kot)
cuma he kept silent aje.

adoyh. br tau rasa cmner shop wif girls. mcm siot je penat kaki. takde ke kedai jual kaki spare ah? nak kene beli a few pairs lah. coz shop wif girls ni serious memenatkan. n i didnt shop pon. tgk aje. (takde duit)

then makan. i came n anne dah abes makan. (siot monster makan laju) hahahaha. she always simpan her eating action away from me. (awat, cuak kene bahan ke anne? huhu)
n wa plak nafsu je besar, perut takde la besar mana. (wallet besar juga) so she bought yummy steak. n i (taknak membazir) helped her through it. ALHAMDULILLAH. O=)

n lepas tu, balik kot. dengan penuh terpaksanye, dan diorg penuh selambenye ikut to parking lot (hahahahaha), kena lah hantar diorg to shah alam. adoyhhhhh.
nasib baik bg duit tol. kalo tak dah eject jauh2. (hahahahahaha)

still, it was a nice day. tho penat. siot korg fit gle bab2 shopping ni. huhu.

moral of d story:

girls are very expressive creatures when it comes to hot characters in d screen.
girls are very strong legged creatures.
girls are lock n loaded in their pockets.

n guys hanya tgk n say;
yes, nice, amek la.
jom makan
dah? jom balik. (yippeeee)



Syasya Fickry said...

wehhh jhar! mana fair. i kat kelantan korang bersuka ria pulak. adddoi. jealous nk mampus.

dj said...

tp nape cedric lagik ncem?? jum wt cas, mau?

jhar said...

seronok weh syasya

dj, cas?
buat pe?
maybe sebab cedric tak se-hantu edward
edward hantu gle, pucat nak mati

dj said...

ntah, afi kate nk wt zoo. n dy kate carik la lgk sesape. uuuhh. ke ko ad any beter idea? share la. ak xmo duk umah.

[BiE=sUnShInE!] said...

huhuhu..bru tau ke girls shop like that, we never get tired when it comes to shopping...huhuhu..tuh, our secret power tau!!

cedric mmg lg ensem dr edward cullen, yep2...

reading ur post title, i was kind of thinking back of the gay issue...huhuhu...

jhar said...

hahahahaha siot je pasal gay
nampak tak inverted coma itu?
quote n quote okayhhhhhhhh.

jom kita buat cas kat sunway pyramid~!
ou ke~!
kita sebarkan flyers.
pasal kiamat.

..alicia-rnro.. said...

cite ni best~