Tuesday, December 16, 2008

bodoh, bangang, but surely not BAHLUL~

its common in our culture to curse and say others stupid n dimwitted.
biasalah tu kan.

n go ahead, say the third B.

seronok kan cakap benda ni? well, it touches me rilli deeply when i was told of the story. maybe kita seronok ckp orang bahlul, but sebenarnya,d name bahlul has a high position by ALLAH's side.
n kita tak tahu d story behind it kan? well here i'd like to share it.
interesting. =)

Bohlool was born in Kufa and his real name is Wahab bin Amr. Haroun Rashid feared for the safety of his Khalifate and kingdom from the 7th Imam Musa Kazim (A.S.); therefore, he tried to destroy the Imam. Haroun thought of a trick by which he could kill the Holy Imam. He put the blame of rebellion upon the Imam and demanded a judicial decree from the pious people of his time--which included Bohlool. Everyone gave the decree except Bohlool, who opposed the decision. He immediately went to the Imam and informed him of the circumstances, and asked for advice and guidance. Then and there the Imam told him to act insanely.

Because of the situation, Bohlool acted insanely by the Imam's order. By doing this, he was saved from Haroun's punishment. Now, without any fear of danger, and in amusing ways, Bohlool protected himself from tyrannies. He insulted the notorious Khalifa and his courtiers just by talking. Nevertheless, people acknowledged his superior wisdom and excellence. Even today many of his stories are narrated in assemblies and teach the listeners valuable lessons.

bahlul lived during harun al-rashid's time. one time, there was a drought. so they did solat hajat to ask for rain. but after ulama n ulama, their doas were still not granted. so harun al-rashid asked:

"ada lagy ulama lain tak?"

"dah takde dah, yang tinggal bahlul je"

"panggil lah bahlul"

so they called bahlul. and when he came, bahlul tak imam sembahyang pon.

dia just datang and said:

"wa ALLAHi,

turunkan lah hujan"

and rain came down.

and d drought was over.

Bahlul seorang ulama' dahulu, yang hidup dalam keadaan hamba. zuhud. tidak berkehendak terhadap dunia dan kekayaannye.

takda orang peduli pon pasal bahlul, sebab ada cerita kata dia dah gila. tapi ketahuilah,

hanya dengan bersumpah dengan nama ALLAH, ALLAH akan perkenankan doanya.

here i would like to put some of the interesting stories i got from d net. =)

Bohlool With His Friend

One day a friend of Bohlool's took some grains to grind at the mill. After grinding them, he loaded them on his donkey and started home. Near Bohlool's house, his donkey began limping and fell. He called Bohlool and said, " Give me your ass so I can take my bundle home."

Bohlool had taken an oath that he would not give his donkey to anyone, so he said, "I don't have a donkey." But then a donkey's bray was heard.

The man said to Bohlool, "You have a donkey but you said you didn't."

Bohlool replied, "You are a strange and stupid friend. Even though we have been friends for fifty years, you don't listen to me, but you listen to an ass."

Bohlool Criticizes Haroun

One day Bohlool was near Haroun. He said, "O Bohlool! Criticize me."

Bohlool said, "O Haroun! If there is no water in the desert, you are attacked by severe thirst, and near death; what would you give for one gulp of refreshing water?"

"Gold dinars."

"What if the master of the water does not agree to give water for dinars? Then what will you give?"

"I will give half of my kingdom."

"After drinking the water, you get that illness in which you can't urinate. Now what will you give that One Who will cure this illness of yours?"

Haroun answered, " The remaining half of my kingdom."

Bohlool said, "Then don't give importance to this kingdom for it is not worth more than a drink of water. Isn't it proper that you do good with Allah's creations?"

Bohlool's Gift to the Khalifa

One day Haroun Rashid gave Bohlool some money and told him to distribute it amongst the poor and needy.

Bohlool took the money, but a moment later gave it back to the Khalifa, who asked the reason why he did this.

Bohlool said, "I thought a lot, but found no one more dependent and poor than the Khalifa. This is the reason why I returned the money. I see that your guards and officers stand in the shops and whip people, collect tax and revenue, and then pour them all into your treasures. So I thought that you are the most needy person, and gave the money back to you."

there are simply many other stories i cari gali-ed from the net.

feel free to roam here if you want more:


ps/ web ni di tulis oleh shiah.
remember, keluarga Nabi (ahlul bait) itu tak salah
mereka yang terlampau fanatik n extreme yang salah.
still, d stories are still fine i guess.
njoy =)


-miyn- said...

a very good yet interesting post.

(teringat p ramlee suka ckp bahlul, haha)

mamai said...


jhar said...


dunia Islam senitiasa full of wonders

so kalo kita tgk betol2 kan
sometimes kita lagy BAHLUL dr BAHLUL dr segi akal, sebab dia gila, kita berakal

tapi dia lebih knowledgeable dr sape2 pon yg berakal

so, sape BAHLUL sbenarnye nw?

dj said...

suke! never tot of bahlul.. dy gile kew? cm x je.. i heard the story bout bahlul asked the haroun bout water, bt x taw la plak 2 bahlul. rsnye name dy lain dolu2.

jhar said...

well, cerita kan.
banyak version.
kalo baca kat d web aku amek pon, byk cerita tp lebih kurg aje.
well, benda itu smua normal dlm penceritaan.
passing2, last2 dia mcm2 version ada.

i guess dis guy mmg gila kot.
or dia mmg buat2 gila.
coz some of the other stories, dia ngaku kata Tuhan dah tarik balik akal dia.

but still, gila pon,
pandai lagy dr orang lain.
doa dimakbulkan Tuhan.