Saturday, January 23, 2010

deepest regret of my life. so far.

well everybody would have things that they regret in their lives. and wished that they could do something to change it.

well, dis post will be about my deepest regret so far. i guess its the hardest thing i have to accept in my life, n i dun think i can get over it until forever.

basketball: ppm 07.

well dis is as far, the biggest regret in my life. never have i felt so down n sad about something in my life.
during that year, i was a f5 and was trying to reach back the days of sas in ppm.
but then, a series of unfortunate events (and also stupid decisions and precautions not taken) cost us the target we craved so much for.

we were on track to gaining what we wanted. preparations, sunburns, aching bodies, everything was great. until a bumbling accident brought our player down. damm.

then during the ppm 07, another event brought another player down. (now dua2 guns dah down, dunno how to shoot people down)

when we eventually lost (dah la 2 points je), i was speechless. had the ball, i was open, ball never came. cudve shot a 3 to win it at the buzzer.


then our dreams were shattered to bits.

owh well, have to move on.

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